College Student Apartment Guide: Furniture, Essentials, & More

Moving into a college apartment is a huge step. Whether a student is leaving college dorm life or moving out of their parents’ home, there’s nothing that says independence like “my own place”!

Of course, like every other big step, moving into a college apartment can be pretty stressful. Independence means increased responsibility. It also means spending money on things like rent, utility bills, furniture, and all kinds of unexpected expenses like books and novels. Here are some tips to help make the move to a college apartment as easy as it is exciting.

Ready for a College Apartment?

First of all, students need to ask themselves a serious question, “Am I ready to live in a college apartment?” Like other “first time” experiences (like dating, or sex, or drinking), students may be more eager to make this big step without fully thinking about what it means.

Consider this: living in an apartment means monthly bills, which is a stress many students haven’t experienced yet. It means dealing with a landlord. It means cleaning and cooking. It may mean dealing with commuting issues and parking for the first time. Basically, an apartment means graduating to some real adult responsibilities. Here’s more questions students should ask themselves about off-campus housing before deciding to take this big step.

Choosing a College Apartment

So once students decide they’re ready, where do they live? In some cities, it’s easy to find an apartment that’s safe, cheap, and reasonably close to campus. In other cities, this can be a real struggle.

Students should take the time to research apartments in the area and to look around. Take advantage of any apartment finding resources on campus. Get recommendations from other students about good landlords and safe neighborhoods. Here’s more about what students should know about choosing a college apartment.

Shopping for a College Student Apartment

It’s exciting to walk through the door for the first time and see that empty apartment! But now what? Filling up an apartment with everything students need can be pretty expensive.

Keep in mind that a college apartment does not need to look like a magazine. Yes, it’s home, and students should do their best to make the apartment as homey as possible. But there’s no reason to spend thousands or even hundreds of dollars on a place that’s going to be home for a few years max. Concentrate on purchasing essentials that are really needed. Here’s a guide to shopping for cheap college student apartment necessities.

A great place to start is by finding inexpensive or free used stuff from family members, friends, Dumpsters, Craigslist, or wherever. Here are some tips for finding cheap stuff for college students and free stuff for college students. And since furnishing an apartment is potentially the biggest expense, here are some tips for landing some decent cheap college student apartment furniture.

Of course, there’s no reason that a student apartment can’t look great for cheap. Here are some cheap student apartment decorating ideas to add some easy pizazz.

Moving into a college apartment is a really big deal, and the responsibility and expense can feel a little overwhelming! However, if all goes well, having a place to call home that’s not a dorm or a childhood bedroom is a great feeling. By choosing an apartment wisely and shopping smart, the stress of moving into a new apartment can be minimized. Best of luck, and home sweet home!