Corner Bookcase Review – Cappuccino Finish (5-Tier)

Corner Bookcase Review - Cappuccino Finish (5-Tier)

This corner bookcase holds a very special place in my heart, and would be great in any person’s living room. With the amazing finish and the woodwork, you cannot go wrong in having this in your home. Tired of having all your novels, books cluttered in a box or closet? Well this might just for you then, its great for families with kids who would just yank out all the books. I liked it so much that I am writing this review just for that reason.

Cappuccino Finish 5-Tier Corner Bookcase

Let us start out with the basics of the book shelf, the first thing we are looking for is sturdiness, this corner bookcase proves itself as quite strong and dependent, able to withstand the load of many things put on it. It is quite sturdy enough to put your entire novel collection in as well. The height of the corner bookcase is high but not so much, that it reaches the ceiling.

Going by the dimensions, this corner bookcase fits very snugly and comfortably in any area. It occupies minimal space, so if you have a very tiny living room, then this might be just what you are looking for. The cappuccino finish is what enthralled me, to buy it in the first place. The woodman ship and the high quality paint job done on the bookshelf is amazing to look at and makes your home look much more fancy.

Features and Specifications:

* incredible wood wall corner, with 5 tiers of book arranging space.

* A very thorough and detailed Cappuccino finish,

* Height of the individual tier is 11-3/4-inch, giving you ample space for incredibly large books as well.

* The weight of the product is quite light considering its height at a mere 29.3 pounds.

Cappuccino Finish 5-Tier Corner Bookcase

Customer Reviews and Scores

So all in all, this bookshelf is an incredible one which will really complete your home in a charming and quaint way. There are 2 reviews on this product and the average rating is 2.5/5 stars. The main complaint of the customers being, that they noticed a tiny hairline fracture, but decided not to return it since the product was that good.

Another review by a customer, who says that they spotted a bubble on the backside of the corner bookshelf, but has no problem with it otherwise and loves it. Thus, the customer reviews have been good so far.


I want to conclude by saying that this corner bookshelf has been a lovely addition to my home and it seems to liven up my living room place. If placed besides an open window, with gorgeous curtains this will look incredible in anybody’s home. My rating is 5/5.