Dream Dictionary – Meaning of Bed, Table, Chair, etc in a Dream

Furniture in a dream represents the ideas and attitudes developed from home life; especially if the piece of furniture in the dream (whether bed, table, chair, floating corner shelf or any other) is from the family home or a past dwelling. It can also refer to the beliefs and attitudes used to “furnish” the mind, or to the dreamer’s self and self-image.

If the furniture is old and grand that can mean the dreamer has pride in their inherited beliefs. But if it is old and shabby that could indicate the attitudes are worn out and need replacing. Broken furniture could suggest that long held beliefs have been challenged. Dreaming of new furniture may indicate the dreamer is starting to take a new set of attitudes on board.

The Interpretation of a Bed in a Dream

A bed or mattress in a dream is an important symbol to understand as it has many meanings. It can represent a close relationship, intimacy and sexual pleasure. It can also represent rest, privacy and withdrawal from the pressures of the world. Sometimes it represents sleep or sickness.

A bed can also be symbolic of torture. This is because in bed people can be tortured by worries or by the unconscious through dreams or nightmares, or by physical pain. A bed can also represent a life situation, particularly one created by the dreamer, as in the common idiom “You made your bed, now lie on it.”

Analysis of a Dream About a Chair

A chair in a dream will generally represent a relaxed or passive attitude. It may mean inactivity, escapism or relaxed openness and receptivity. If there is a group of chairs, the placement of the dreamer’s chair is important as it will indicate their status within the group.

To dream of a wheelchair may symbolise weakness or an inability to act; the state of being invalid or in-valid. If the dream is of pushing another person in a wheelchair, it may mean that the dreamer is pushing or carrying their invalid self.

The Interpretation of a Table in a Dream

A table in a dream will generally refer to social connections with others, especially communal activities. It can mean social confidence in the dreamer’s activities resulting in the meeting of their needs, as in “putting food on the table.” It can also symbolise the dreamer’s attitudes to the community around them and to the inner community of their psyche.

The table can be seen as an altar of self-giving. If the table is bare, it may suggest the dreamer is not giving much of themselves. The quality and condition of the table can represent the quality of the dreamer’s relationships with others. The place at the table in which the dreamer finds him/herself will point to the social status of the dreamer. To dream of carefully laying or dressing a table suggests the dreamer is trying to improve their social image.

Analysis of More Furniture in Dreams

A cupboard in a dream may refer to memory or to resources. Sometimes, these memories are hidden as in “a skeleton in the cupboard.” If a wardrobe, the dream may be representative of different roles the dreamer plays or different emotions and attitudes that the individual “dresses” himself in. A cupboard can also represent a womb. An open cupboard or a closed cupboard may indicate whether the dreamer is “open” or “closed” to other people. To dream of being trapped in a cupboard may suggest being trapped by old feelings, or a sense of isolation.

A carpet in a dream can depict the financial state of the dreamer – a threadbare carpet, or bare floorboards meaning degrees of poverty. A rich carpet can represent comfort and luxury in life. The colour and design of the carpet may also be significant. A carpet can also be suggestive of a cover up, or a feeling of being walked all over.

A toilet bowl is a dream symbol for the part of the psyche that can deal with emotions we need to discharge because they are no longer useful to us. It can also mean the female sexual organ because of its quality as a receptacle.

In a dream, a bath can indicate relaxation, but it can also mean the desire to be rid of guilt, wanting to “come clean”. Dreaming of bathing in the bath could indicate a change of heart and the readiness to forgive someone.

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