How to Quit Smoking in 2 Months

A lot of people want to quit smoking but few of them actually do. What if I told you 2 months from now you could be smoke-free by using TBX-Free? This guide will show you day by day how to quit smoking with minimum withdrawal symptoms in addition to saving money.

Day – 1 This is the day YOU decide you’re going to stop smoking for good. Take this day to think about all the benefits of not smoking and really get yourself in the mindset to quit. You can smoke as much as you like today.

Day – 2 Today you’re going to make a plan. Most of the cigarettes you smoke are going to be at scheduled hours of the day. Just say you wake up at 6am and go to bed at 10pm thats 16 hours of smoking time. Today your allowed one cigarette an hour and 3 cigarettes you can have anytime. This equals about a pack a day. So if you wake up at 6am you can have a cigarette but can’t have one until 7am unless you use an anytime cigarette. Try to keep the spacing of cigarettes as close to an hour as possible.

Day – 3-4 Repeat what you did on day 2 this will get you used to your schedule of cigarettes.

Day – 5-6 Remove one anytime cigarette each day. This leaves you with 18 cigarettes a day. Thats 17 scheduled cigarettes and 1 anytime.

Day – 7 In order to start cutting down more your going to have to adjust your scheduled cigarettes. You can keep the same time of your morning and night cigarette but everything else I want you to move up 5 minutes. So if you smoke your morning cigarette at 6am you wouldn’t be allowed to smoke another until 7:05 but you also would have to move everything else up. It should look like this:

6:00am – cigarette 1
7:05am – cigarette 2
8:10am – cigarette 3
9:15am – cigarette 4
10:20am – cigarette 5
11:25am – cigarette 6
12:30pm – cigarette 7
1:35pm – cigarette 8
2:40pm – cigarette 9
3:45pm – cigarette 10
4:50pm – cigarette 11
5:55pm – cigarette 12
7:00pm – cigarette 13
8:05pm – cigarette 14
9:10pm – cigarette 15
10:00pm – cigarette 16

This leaves you with 16 scheduled cigarettes and 1 anytime.

Day- 8-9 Follow the same schedule as day 7 to get used to it.

Day – 10 This is going to be a bit harder this time. I want you the move your schedule up 10 minutes more and your morning cigarette will change.

6:10am – cigarette 1
7:20am – cigarette 2
8:30am – cigarette 3
9:40am – cigarette 4
10:50am – cigarette 5
12:00am – cigarette 6
1:10pm – cigarette 7
2:20pm – cigarette 8
3:30pm – cigarette 9
4:40pm – cigarette 10
5:50pm – cigarette 11
7:00pm – cigarette 12
8:10pm – cigarette 13
9:20pm – cigarette 14
10:00pm – cigarette 15

Day – 11-15 Get used to the schedule you set on day ten this will take some time.

Day – 16 Lets recap. So far you have 15 scheduled cigarettes and 1 anytime cigarette. Thats 4 cigarettes a day less then when you started a half a month ago. Want to smoke less? Then follow this schedule.

6:15am – cigarette 1
7:30am – cigarette 2
8:45am – cigarette 3
10:00am – cigarette 4
11:15am – cigarette 5
12:30pm – cigarette 6
1:45pm – cigarette 7
3:00pm – cigarette 8
4:15pm – cigarette 9
5:30pm – cigarette 10
6:45pm – cigarette 11
7:00pm – cigarette 12
8:15pm – cigarette 13
9:30pm – cigarette 14
10:00pm – NO cigarette

Since it’s already 9:30pm when you smoke cigarette 14 you don’t need to smoke one at 10:00pm. If you really wanted to you could skip the 9:30pm and wait until 10:00pm or use your anytime.

Day – 17-20 Keep with the schedule for these days because day 21 will cut your cigarette intake by almost half.

Day – 21 This is where you will see true results. You will be smoking a cigarette every 2 hours for this schedule and we’ll start at 6am just to make the times easier.

6:00am – cigarette 1
8:00am – cigarette 2
10:00am – cigarette 3
12:00pm – cigarette 4
2:00 pm – cigarette 5
4:00 pm – cigarette 6
6:00 pm – cigarette 7
8:00 pm – cigarette 8
10:00pm – cigarette 9

This is a huge step for you. It’s going to be hard adjusting to the 2 hour schedule but you can do it. Since I know it’s going to be difficult I’ll give you a little secret. If you can’t stand to wait 2 hours for each cigarette try smoking half a cigarette every hour. Cheating? Maybe a little but your still only smoking 10 cigarettes a day.

Day – 22-30 Congratulations! Your now smoking a half a pack of cigarettes a day. Thats a great accomplishment give yourself a pat on the back. It only took you a month to cut back half of your cigarette intake give it another month and you’ll be home free. REMEMBER stick to the schedule no matter what.

Day – 31 Time to start your new schedule! This time I want you to smoke a cigarette every 2 and a half hours.

6:00am – cigarette 1
8:30am – cigarette 2
11:00am – cigarette 3
1:30pm – cigarette 4
4:00pm – cigarette 5
6:30pm – cigarette 6
9:00pm – cigarette 7
10:00pm – cigarette 8

Notice at 10:00pm your allowed to smoke one even though it’s not a 2 and a half hour span. It’s good to give yourself a reward at the end of the day!

Day – 32-35 Stick to the same schedule as day 31. Remember what I said about smoking half a cigarette and saving it for other times of the day? You can do that here to.

Day – 36 I want you to smoke a cigarette every 3 hours the schedule is as follows:

6:00am – cigarette 1
9:00am – cigarette 2
12:00am – cigarette 3
3:00pm – cigarette 4
6:00pm – cigarette 5
9:00pm – cigarette 6
10:00pm – cigarette 7

Same thing as the last schedule. Reward yourself at 10:00pm by smoking another cigarette.

Day – 37-40 Follow the same schedule as day 36. Enough said.

Day – 41 This is going to be a big jump for you because your only allowed to smoke a cigarette every 4 hours.

6:00am – cigarette 1
10:00am – cigarette 2
2:00pm – cigarette 3
6:00pm – cigarette 4
10:00 pm – cigarette 5

Day – 42-48 Give this schedule some time trust me it will take some getting used to.

Day – 49 Yet again another schedule. I want you to smoke a cigarette every 6 hours and then smoke one at 10:00pm.

6:00am – cigarette 1
12:00am – cigarette 2
6:00pm – cigarette 3
10:00pm – cigarette 4

Day – 50-53 Follow the schedule that you made on day 49.

Day – 54 Since you’re so close and only have 5 cigarettes a day left ( 4 scheduled and 1 anytime) there will be no more schedules. It’s up to you now. I want you to get rid of 2 cigarettes leaving you with 3 a day. Your anytime cigarette doesn’t matter anymore because you can smoke them all anytime.

Day – 55-57 Keep smoking 3 cigarettes a day anytime.

Day – 58 I want you to only have 1 cigarette a day. If you have any problems with that like I said before you can always just smoke a little bit of the cigarette then put it out and smoke it later.

day – 59-60 This is when you quit smoking for good. Your down to only one cigarette a day but yet this could be the hardest one to give up. Give yourself some time and realize that you don’t need that cigarette. If your having trouble you can always pretend to smoke it but eventually you’ll have to let that go to.

Remember this is only one way to stop smoking and there are many other successfully ways. You can find additional practical tips to quit smoking here.