Wedding Chair Covers, Chair Linens and Unique Seat Decorations

Covered or decorated chairs enhance wedding ambiance but only if beautifully executed. Chair embellishment should be thoughtfully considered, for poorly draped chairs can look messy, and some decorations can be intrusive.

Chair Linens for Weddings

The most common addition to wedding day chairs is the chair cover. Covers are fashioned from all types of fabrics and can be obtained in a variety of solid colors or with damask patterns, stripes or prints.

Wedding event rental companies customarily offer chair covers that fit a host of typical wedding chairs, such as folding, banquet, wooden, plastic and others. The key is to choose the cover best suited to the chair.

Loose, tent-like covers meant to work with any chair, regardless of its shape or size, are gathered and tied with a bow. These covers will not hold their shape or stay as uniformly neat as chairs sheathed in covers created specifically for that chair style.

Bows and sashes may be included in chair cover rental fees, or they may be an additional cost. Rental company policies vary, and verifying inclusion policies is as important as investigating the company’s reputation.

Covers should always be selected with aesthetics, safety and comfort in mind. Safety is a concern when the covers are too long and movement of the chair catches the cover’s hem. Comfort may be compromised when the fabric is inherently too warm or too cold for the wedding venue.

Event Rentals Companies

No wedding couple wants the wedding day to come with surprises. Ill-fitting covers with no sashes can be a disappointment if the bride and groom thought they were getting something far more exquisite.

The only way to prevent adverse surprises is to conduct a thorough vetting of the rental company’s offerings and obtain a written contract that clarifies every detail. Contracts should list all pertinent information, including:

  • style, color, size and quantity of chair covers
  • inspection policy and condition guarantee
  • DIY pick-up and drop-off, or, company delivery, set-up and dismantling after the event
  • the all-inclusive price for cover, sash, bow, lace cap, or other addition
  • any service or shipping charges
  • damage reimbursement costs
  • time allowances, including before and after event
  • cancellation policies
  • other terms or conditions relevant to the rental

Wedding Chair Decoration

While covers quickly and easily adorn wedding day chairs, other ornamentation can work wonders as well. Decorative accents may include:

  • floral sprays or leis
  • greenery
  • bows
  • sashes
  • fabric or lace seat-back caps
  • ribbon braids
  • silk or feathered decorative doves
  • seasonal ornaments

Most chair adornments can be combined, with or without chair covers, to create a spectacular display at the ceremony or a beautifully coordinated table setting at the reception.

Not every chair needs to be decorated in the same manner. It often adds flavor to the event to have more than one intriguing chair presentation. Some variations to consider:

  • Every other chair at a reception table could feature a lacy seat-back cap that matches a lace under the table’s centerpiece.
  • Different chair cover colors or sashes could be combined to match wedding party colors.
  • Flowers that compliment the centerpieces could be slipped into chair bows or sashes.
  • Theme ornaments, like seashells at beach weddings or autumn leaves at fall weddings, could be woven into greenery sprays on chair backs.
  • For very formal weddings, chairs could be alternated in crisp black and white covers and finished with a faux crystal broach.

The two primary concerns with decorative chair accents are:

  1. affixing them so they don’t easily fall off with movement of the chair
  2. locating them on the chair back in such a manner that they do not intrude on guests’ personal space when the chairs are in use

Wedding Chairs Add Ambiance

Whether chair covers are used, adornments are added, or the two are combined, the result can be spectacular and stunning, or simple and enchanting, as wished.

The best decorative choice will vary from wedding to wedding. Overly elegant chairs may not work well for a country wedding, and a single daisy tied to a chair back may not be enough for a more formal affair.

But with so many decorative options, one thing is assured. No wedding day has to be afflicted with ugly, utilitarian chairs. Beauty and ambiance is just an adornment away.