Pavlok Review

Pavlok Review

Read our Pavloc review as we have talked about a ton of stuff here. Whenever we’re thinking of bad habits, we cringe and recall all our moments where we failed to avoid our bad habit. We have taken a lot of methods in order to help ourselves, asked friends for advises, asked family members to give us ultimatums but basically nothing worked. Pavlok is here to change all that.

We always end up breaking that one promise we made that day while someone close to us talked to us about all the cons of our habit. We obviously know why it’s wrong and why we should stop it but for some weird reason, we always failed. So, we wished for something, absolutely anything, that would help us keep the broken promise. Well, guess what? That is exactly what we have at our disposal now. A product specifically designed for reducing our bad habit and help us be good human beings. As fiction worthy as it seems, it’s actually a reality that we can now own at a good cost to change our lives. Check it out on Amazon now.

Another chance at being better, right? This innovative, life changing product is called Pavlok, a smart device to detect bad habits and that’s what we’re here to talk about.

Pavlok is a product that was created for people to help quit them their bad habits by a Behavioral Technologies Group. It is wearable and doesn’t look utterly bad either. In fact, if you wear it, people are not going to much understand apart from that it’s an accessory. They apparently have behavioral training techniques installed into the device and that includes innovative “zaptic” hardware, tracking software to help you kick habits like smoking, nail biting, eating sugar, being unproductive, hitting the snooze button, and more. We are at a point where this is everything a person can dream in a small device.

This smart device works quite differently too, which is interesting. You connect it to your phone’s Bluetooth and then and its vibration, beep, and electric stimulus can be triggered by Pavlok apps (remind yourself to download the app before actually starting to use the device). Initially, they stated that it was the device that needed to know when you’re doing your bad habit but after a research analysis that was conducted in 1980 had the company figure out that that’s not what they need. You need to understand when you’re doing a bad habit. Our brain sends signals when we’re doing a bad habit and the whole body reacts. The device needs to detect that signal and the rest is done. To be more specific, when a person drinks too much and knows he/she is about to puke it all out – the test of alcohol changes because our brain signals it to.

Interestingly, this device has a “5 days, 5 minutes” habit change program to it. So, this is how it works. You force yourself to do your bad habit for five minutes and manually trigger the zap. Due to the electric stimulus running on you, your bad habit craving is bound to decrease. Most users of the device have seen differences in their behavior after the “5 days, 5 minutes” program. They are less prone to go back doing what they always do. By the way, this could be anything. Starting from nail biting to smoking to thinking about ex. The device can help you get rid of these bad habits in no time – well, maybe in some time but it’s supposed to be effective. At least that’s what these three users say – Nagina quit biting nail because of Pavlok, Tasha quit eating sugar (this baffled me) and Marty quit smoking. The device charges pretty fast too so you don’t have to constantly worry about that it isn’t working or that it doesn’t have any charge.

This Pavlok app works with any available IOS and Android device since January 2016. They also released a Chrome extension in around February/March 2016. Through the Pavlok app, you can listen to guided habit breaking audio courses. You have a remote too that can manually trigger the device or you can also test the device of how effective it is. The most amazing thing about this is that every thing is so beautifully designed into the app. For example – the Pavlok Shocking Alarm Clock can be used to wake up on time; it vibrates to wake you up and increases the stimulus to zap until you wake up, literally. You can also customize the type of feedback that you think can wake you up and hopefully, you will never miss a meeting again. The Pavlok Productivity which is a Chrome Extension can help you stop visiting the sites that you’re not supposed to visit. However, you have to blacklist websites that you’re not supposed to visit and not open too many unnecessary tabs because if you do, the device on your wrist will zap you until you get yourself out of it. This app could be used in many other ways, for example – you can customize it to zap you when you’ve 50 unread mails or you enter a fast food restaurant to eat or even ask the Pavlok to zap every hour to take a deep breath. It’s a nice way to remind yourself, what to do and what not to do. There is another secondary app (probably Pavlok Unlocked) which connects it to your family members’ phones so that they can zap you anytime they see you doing your bad habit. This is pretty effective because we’re always around friends or loved ones or colleagues. They can always remind you to be your best self and get rid of your bad habit.

Now that we know how it works, the reviews is the next thing that we should talk about. If you scroll down the Amazon website for seeking reviews on this app, you will see different kinds of reviews. It can be as good as “The best thing to ever happen” or it could be as bad as “It absolutely doesn’t work”. Now, the real deal is that you will have to use it for yourself to see if it will work or not. Reviews are a big deal, of course.

If you cannot spend a few bucks to get rid of a bad habit that has been bothering you since forever, maybe then this is not for you. Bad habits can be small or big, conventional or unconventional but no matter what the habit is, you know it’s bad. You know your family members always ask you to seek help and this device is a remedy for your bad habit at the lowest price possible. But, please do remember one thing, Pavlok device is not for people who are depressed or are going through self harm. Even though medical research states that electric stimulus helps with depression, this should be done under strict medical supervision. Please do not use the device in case you’re looking for cure for depression, self harm and/or suicidal thoughts. There is no guarantee of this device to work under these circumstances. Please seek medical attention or talk to someone close to you.

A lot of people complained that the app had bugs and the first few weeks it worked great but then it was back to doing nothing major. The company has worked on the bugs and there are updates too. If you’re facing too much problem, connect to the office of Pavlok devices and tell them what the problem is. The best possible way is to get it fixed or changed (the device has a one year warranty) – reviews don’t really work much here. However, one thing that is worth mentioning is that these devices like Pavlok can work up to some extent only. The will of getting rid of a habit is important.

If you really want this habit to go away and you’d do anything for it then surely this device would work. The will is more important than the device to work, honestly. At one point when you’re frustrated of the electric stimulus (it’s supposed to hurt, that’s the point, right? That would make you want to not do your bad habit), you might as well choose to not wear it on your wrist anymore. So, it depends on how you wish for it to work on you. The effectiveness will count on your will.

The advice here is to try and buy it, if you have a bad habit or ask a friend who has a bad habit to buy it. As much as we rely on reviews, the basic thing to do is to buy it and test it. This is especially on the products that have mixed reviews. Some say that it’s great and some say that it’s not so it can get confusing on who to believe and who to not believe. The thing about this product is that it has a lot of users who actually say that it works and also has notable ratings and ranking on Amazon. Most products like this are called rip offs and are said to not work. These products loose market if it doesn’t work at all.

This, Palok device, did gain market and is being used by many people. Most people are also concerned about it looking bad on them. Nobody wants people to constantly bug them about the color or the fact that they’re using it to help themselves. The concern is real. The device is black in color and comes with a nice black packaging too that has a motivating quote from the great Aristotle on habits. If you wear it, it definitely would not look weird on anybody. The color seems to elevate any weird thoughts in other people’s mind. They have different colors too, like gray or red or pink – anything that you like so that’s pretty good for a device like this. Oh, and before you actually start using it, read the manual guide and also the evidence booklet just to be more sure about what you’re about to use (The evidence booklet is pretty fascinating).

As said before, you can customize as to how much pain you can induce and your body is okay to take. Don’t overdo yourself, of course. Just do it as much as you can bear and the rest is going to follow. If it doesn’t work for you, you can obviously opt for other methods but if it works for some (which it absolutely does) do not motivate them from buying it and try it. Do not be demotivated by the bugs every now and then, the company is always trying to make it better for the users but you obviously have to give them a shot. Being a small company and bringing out a world changing, innovative product is actually pretty great. But then again, if you don’t like it, you can return it.

The last few words would be that Pavlok device is doing a great job for people who have a bad habit and desperately want to get rid of it. They’re updating as much as they can and the device is actually serving the purpose for which it was built for.

The whole review has some important points – it looks good, you can customize its work, it’s effective and unlike other similar devices it does not make any fake promises (at least that’s not what everybody says), you can have help from your family and friends in order to get rid of your bad habit, do not use it for depression or anything of that sort (please) and finally it’s very easy to use. At this digital age, it’s fascinating see innovations like this whereas once upon a time people could not even imagine things to be like this.

So, if you want your habit to change, buy Pavlok today and try it out for yourself.