TBX Free Reviews

tbx free reviews

Smokers quitting smoking with the use of a strip?

Ready to read our TBX free reviews? So there is this new popular thing that you can use to quit smoking and it is TBX-free oral strips. It is said to help the consumers help to quit smoking and is also said to be better than nicotine patches and gums. It is also nicotine, tobacco, and tar free. So how does it work? It contains Cytisine.

This is a chemical that enters your bloodstream and makes you feel like you had a smoke and instantly replenishes your cravings. It absolutely contains no nicotine in it. The manufacturer also claims that it is FDA-approved for maximum safety and effectiveness. The manufacturers also claim that cytisine is a very effective chemical that has been proven effective by numerous universities around the world. The University of Sheffield was cited and they said that the experiment was done on 1,010 people and the results claimed that it was effective if the proper dosage was given. So the proper dosage is apparently 8mg of cytisine per strip, which is right on the border of daily usage of cytisine per day.

We did a ton of research for our TBX free reviews. You might think, what is Cytisine? Well, this is a chemical similar to nicotine that is found in many plant families. It also has similar pharmacological effects as nicotine.

Nowadays, stop smoking aids use a branded form to cytisine which is called Tax. This is broadly found in Eastern Europe. Tabex is found to be somewhat effective. It contains 8.4% Cytisine and 2.4% placebo.

The recommended dosage of cytisine is 9mg per day if taken in tablet form. Now when it is taken in tablet form, cytisine stop smoking kits typically contain 1.5mg of cytisine per tablet and you can take one tablet every 2 hours a day. This makes the 8mg dosage of TBX Free relatively high.

Though there is no way to find out if all the strips contain a total of 8mg or a single strip contains 8mg; either way it is either very high or very low. The other chemicals that are involved in TBX Free are pollutants, natural mint extract, sugar, menthol, licorice, and aspartame.

We are not done yet with our TBX free reviews, alright? TBX Free pricing is quite a catch. The first great thing they gave is that they have 3 sorts of packages; a month supply (120 TBX Free strips), 3 month supply and 6 month supply. Another nice thing about them is that you can enroll in their auto-ship program where you will get an automatic shipment from them every 30 days. The best possible thing about TBX Free is that the purchase you make from them comes with a 30-day money back guarantee; so if you could not quit smoking by using their strips, you will get your money back.

The manufacturers of TBX Free says that their product is effective for the smokers who takes in less than 25 cigarettes per day. So how to use them? You start off by using 8 strips per day from day one and reduce it to 1 strip per day when you get to day 31. This is how they recommend the usage of the strips:

  • -Days 1 and 2: Take 8 strips per day
  • -Days 3 to 5: Take 6 strips per day
  • -Days 6 to 12: Take 5 strips per day
  • -Days 13 to 19: Take 4 strips per day
  • -Days 20 to 30: Take 2 strips per day
  • -Day 31: Take 1 strip

If you do not like their recommendation then you can use 4 strips a day, 2 in the morning and 2 at night.

You might wonder who these people who are manufacturing such a product. Well, TBX Free is a product that is made by Redwood Scientific Technologies, Inc. This is a company that specializes in oral strip delivery technology. THX Free is the company’s most renowned product. Ther products that are quite known for are Comfort TimeSumnusent, and Product-X, E.D.

With this being said, would you use TBX Free? You can if you are willing to stop smoking because this stop smoking kit is pretty effective with the help of a powerful chemical Cytisine which enters your bloodstream and helps you to reduce your craving for nicotine. But this is just me saying; why don’t we look at some opinion of the people who used it before.

A user writes that she has been using TBX Free along with her husband to get rid of their nasty habit of smoking. They have been taking the strip 4 times a day; 2 in the morning and 2 at night. They said that the strips they use make them repellent towards the smell of cigarettes. They also went on to say that there are only mild withdrawal symptoms when it comes to TBX Free. They tried cigarette patches and other stop-smoking kit but TBX Free has been the most effective. They do not like the taste of cigarettes anymore and they do not find it enjoyable at all. They have been smokers for a long time and after using TBX Free they are on the way of quitting it. The first few days they are a bit cranky but that is just the simple withdrawals that anyone has for trying to quit, but other than that it is helping them quit.

Many people on Amazon.com rated TBX Free 5 stars due to its amazing results. The users say that the strips take in effect from day one and as time pass they feel that they are less dependent on cigarettes. This is something that is praiseworthy. No one reported any side effects to the strips. They feel no necessity to smoke when they are using the strip.

You might be wondering now what else are there to this TBX Free. Well here is a list:

  • No nicotine
  • No tobacco
  • No tar
  • Same feeling as nicotine
  • Curbs appetite
  • No withdrawals
  • Takes in effect and enters the bloodstream within 25 seconds
  • Carcinogen-Free
  • Zero ash
  • Zero smoke
  • Zero second-hand smoke

With all these benefits, TBX Free has been a tremendous way to reduce your nasty smoking habits and then at some point say goodbye to your addiction to smoking.

Cytisine is a good thing to use for nicotine replacement. With almost everything there, there are nothing that can harm you with the use of Cytisine. So when you are using TBX Free then you are using a natural way to get rid of your smoking habits. But where do we get this Cytisine from? Cytisine is a chemical found in a plant family called, Leguminosae. It is closely related to nicotine and has very few side effects compared to nicotine. It is not carcinogenic. This is why it is one of the best things to use to stop smoking.

Now to the people who think why bother spending money on something that can help you stop smoking? It might be more expensive than just quitting it on your own. Most of the people who tried giving up smoking couldn’t do it because they always had the urge to do it. TBX Free will help you to reduce the craving that you have for having a cigarette. This is one of the main reasons why TBX Free is helpful. It will make you not like the smell of cigarettes and also will make you want to stay away from it. You might think that you will be spending money for something that costs more than cigarettes, the main catch here is that you always have a way to have a refund if it does not work for you. Their 30 days refund system is remarkable and it will give your money back guaranteed.

A normal pack of cigarette costs somewhere around $10. If you smoke a pack a day then think about how much you are spending on cigarettes. That will be $300-$310 a month (counting February out). Spending that much amount of money jut on a thing that can cause you various types of diseases is very pathetic. For this reason TBX Free is very important. You can save a lot of money or even spend your money on something else rather than on cigarettes if you use this very effective stop smoking kit. It takes effect from day one and for this reason, it will be easier for you to get the results instantaneously.

One more thing about cigarettes is that it reduces your performance in bed. You stamina decreases exponentially. Getting rid of cigarettes is a great way to get your stamina up and also boost your performance in bed and make you partner happy. Of course, the course to quitting is not that easy and for that TBX Free is here to save the day for you. When I say day, it is literally day because it will make you realize that you can live without cigarettes from day one. You will have foul breath when you are using TBX Free and also smoke. This will make you not have any more cigarettes throughout the day. For this matter, you will have a very good health and also make your partner happy.

You might think how I know all of these. I have been a user of TBX Free. It helped me get rid of my smoking habits. I used to smoke a pack a day and now I save that amount of money so that I can buy a car. It has been a tremendous ride for me after I started using TBX Free. I was skeptical at first but then when I started using it, it made me realize what a bad thing I was having for almost 15 years. Yes, I was a smoker for 15 long years and I had to stop. I started to cough more often and the food that I had were becoming tasteless.

My teeth started to darken with all the tobacco and tar. I realized that it is time for me to get rid of cigarettes once and for all. I started using pills and patches but nothing was working. On the other hand, they had very bad side effects, I used to be cranky and used to have headaches. I tried to quit on my own but whenever I saw someone smoke, I got driven by it and started to smoke again. It was becoming near to impossible for me to stop this nasty of a habit that I got myself accustomed to. Then one day, I found this advertisement of TBX Free. I was very skeptical about it. Started to research more about it. Read a few articles and then I thought why not give it a try. Needless to say that I ordered it and they arrived at my place right on time. Started to read their instructions and started using them. It was magic from the first strip. I did not the like the first cigarette I had and then I started hating the smell of it.

When I was going out with my friend and when my friends were smoking, I wanted to join in with them too but then the foul breath that I had was too much for me to take in. My girlfriend, on the other hand, loved the fact that I was giving up smoking and she was quite content with a lot of stuff. It was an amazing thing to happen. Within a month, I was completely cured. There were very small withdrawal symptoms, I was just a bit cranky for the few initial days but then after that, I became much better. I completely stopped smoking in about 20 days.

This will conclude our TBX free reviews. Did you enjoy this TBX free reviews? You know what the best part about TBX Free? It comes in with a menthol flavor, so the taste is quite favorable. You are basically leaving a habit which causes cancer leaving a bad smell in your mouth with a strip that leaves a good smell and does not cause cancer and also isn’t addictive. Hope you find this helpful and I hope that you stop smoking like me as well.