TBX Free Reviews

Stop Smoking Aid - Quit Smoking in 30 Days

Ready to stop smoking?

Are you ready to commit to quitting smoking? Well, that’s half the battle. This TBX Free Review is going to help you quit in 31 days.

I’ve tried to “kick the butt” over 20 times. The reasons were always different. In college, I decided to quit because I didn’t have the money ( which college kid can afford to pay 10 bucks for a pack?). Later on, I quit because my girlfriend couldn’t bear the smell of smoke (I still LOVE the smell of smoke btw). There was this one time, I quit because my mom went on /r/stopsmoking on Reddit and said that she didn’t want me to die before she did. Her post on Reddit got thousands of upvotes.

Whatever your motivations are, it’s really┬áreally hard to quit.

Kick The Butt

I’ve tried every “proven method” (they’re crap and they don’t work), I’ve spent a bunch of money on useless books and “guides” that claim to make you quit in {insert favorite number} of days and I even went to a couple of meetings. I found that none of these things work. At least for me.

So there is this new popular thing that you can use to quit smoking and it is called TBX-Free. It’s supposed to be much better than nicotine patches and gums. Check it out on Amazon.

Here’s a video from the manufacturer


Does TBX Free Work?

I’ll get to my review and results shortly. The manufacturers of TBX Free says that their product is effective for the smokers who take in less than 25 cigarettes per day.

Here’s an explainer video on how it works.

You start off by using 8 strips per day from day one and reduce it to 1 strip per day when you get to day 31.

This is how they recommend the usage of the strips:

  • -Days 1 and 2: Take 8 strips per day
  • -Days 3 to 5: Take 6 strips per day
  • -Days 6 to 12: Take 5 strips per day
  • -Days 13 to 19: Take 4 strips per day
  • -Days 20 to 30: Take 2 strips per day
  • -Day 31: Take 1 strip

If you do not like their recommendation, then you can use 4 strips a day, 2 in the morning and 2 at night. Try it out now.

Before trying it out myself, I asked a few people I knew whether it worked. Everyone I asked seemed to love it. A couple I know has been trying to quit for a while now. As per the instructions, they used 4 strips a day. They claim that now, even the smell of cigarettes puts them off. They did have a few mild withdrawal symptoms but they preferred it to patches and nicotine gums. They were a little irritable at the start but as you can imagine, this is a very small price to pay.

On digging further, I looked at reviews from many people on Amazon.com. TBX Free has several 5-star reviews which lead me to believe that it works pretty well. Most people agree that they start seeing results from day 2 and they experience a reduced dependence on cigarettes with each passing day. This is something incredible and no other product can honestly claim such results.

I firmly believe that with time and dedication, this can help you finally quit.

Benefits of TBX Free

I summed up a list of benefits of using this product to quit smoking.

  • No nicotine
  • No tobacco
  • No tar
  • Same feeling as nicotine
  • Curbs appetite
  • Mild withdrawal symptoms
  • Takes in effect and enters the bloodstream within 25 seconds
  • Carcinogen-Free
  • Zero ash
  • Zero smoke
  • Zero second-hand smoke

Try it out now.

How it works

TBX Free is a FDA-approved product that contains a chemical called Cysteine. Cysteine is a naturally occurring substance that’s incredibly similar to nicotine in composition. It’s present in lots of daily food items, meat, poultry, and even high protein vegetables.

The University of Sheffield ran an experiment on 1,010 people with great results. In the right dosage, Cysteine is proven to curb the need for nicotine. 88% of the people in the experiment experienced lower dependence on nicotine.

Cysteine is also found in other products like Tabex which is very popular in Eastern Europe. Tabex is found to be somewhat effective. It contains 8.4% Cysteine and 2.4% placebo.

The recommended dosage of Cysteine is 9mg per day if taken in tablet form. Now when it is taken in tablet form, Cysteine stop smoking kits typically contain 1.5mg of Cysteine per tablet and you can take one tablet every 2 hours a day.

Cysteine is a chemical found in a plant family called, Leguminosae. It is closely related to nicotine and has very few side effects compared to nicotine. It is not carcinogenic. This is why it is one of the best things to use to stop smoking.

Is it worth it?

TBX Free has a very attractive pricing policy and it’s totally risk-free. Every purchase comes with a no questions asked, 30 days money back guarantee. This is a great, no-risk method to quit smoking. If it doesn’t work, you get your money back. You can’t really get a better deal than that.

They have 2 types of packages; the Classic (120 strips) and the 2-pack (240 strips). You can also enroll in their auto-ship program where you will get an automatic shipment from them every 30 days.

In my opinion, TBX Free is the best way to quit smoking. With their 30-day money back guarantee, trying it out makes it a no-brainer. Sign up for Amazon Prime and order it today!